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S-072 - Sausage Sampler - 10 lbs. of Lean Sausages


This listing includes Ten (10) lbs. of Uncooked Italian, Polish & Potato (Swedish) Sausage & our Original Bratwurst. Our sausage is made with 80% lean quality pork. We include our Italian Sausage made with our favorite tangy Italian spices. Then, we have Polish Sausage seasoned with just enough garlic to make any mouth water as with traditional Polish Sausage that has been made for centuries in Poland. After that, we have Swedish Potato Sausage (also called Potatis Korv) which is traditionally served hot as a seasonal dish in Sweden, and finally our Original Bratwurst (a pork sausage with spices especially suited for frying).

Sausages processed in Nebraska, where they know good meat, that's great for grilling on your grill at home or at a tailgate party.

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